Thursday, March 15, 2018

Episode 039: Building Henges and Cometary Cataclysms

We've started The Great Texinian Astronomical Hill Henge Project (Stone, Allen, Allen, et al) in which we propose to. construct an astronomical observatory in the tradition of the great henges of Eld(Stonehenge, Adam's Calendar, etc). Like those venerable projects, we propose to start small, with a single central stake, about $2000 worth of calibrated optics, $120,000 worth of heavy equipment, 3 dogs, 2 wooden posts, several pencils, and a laser. You know. Gotta keep it simple to start.

We detail the difficulties we've yet to encounter but know are ahead of us, based   past experience. On the whole, we think the project will give us a much clearer perspective on the difficulties the ancients needed to overcome in order to construct their fantastic stone circles and henges, and  this will in turn allow us to communicate this knowledge to all of you in a much more concise fashion, so that all of you will have a greater understanding of why it's really fucking hard to build these things.

We talk about the astronaut who returned to earth after nearly a year in space, two inches taller, smarter, with newly activated "space" genes, an increased life span due to an inexplicably higher telomere count, and a large genetic drift from his identical twin brother who stayed earthside while his bro was evolving in space.

We also discuss the newest research papers released by the Comet Research Group re: the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, some responses and rebuttals, and how a totally innocent cow was framed for the enormous Great Chicago Fire.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 039 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #038

We start out this show with a series of very strange moon mysteries with lots of terrible analogies by Kyle, and end up skipping the first break, and by the end of the hour we've basically proved the moon is a giant ancient spaceship.

From there we move on to a discussion of sacred geometry and metrology, and the difference between the Imperial and Metric systems and their relative utility in different circumstances.

In the final segment, we talk about people who seemingly appear out of nowhere, which leads to timeslips and the Mandela Effect and glitches in the Matrix and mass disappearances like Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Roanoke, and how all these things could be connected.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 038 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #037

We kick this episode off with some choice soundbites from a major UFO event that occurred over the west coast on October 25th, 2017. Thanks to the hard work of some intrepid reporters who submitted FOIA requests to the FAA for all relevant material, we have access to recordings of the conversations between Seattle air traffic control and pilots who were observing the object, phone conversations between FAA officials and ATC and the military, and follow-up phone calls between FAA and the pilots who witnessed the object.

This leads to a discussion about the UFO phenomena in general, and whether this is a spiritual/consciousness related phenomena or physical biological entities operating "nuts and bolts" craft from some other solar system... or perhaps a bit of both.
From there we go on to discuss UFO-like sightings in the ancient past, how such events seem to have been playing a major part in all of human history, shaping our religions, our philosophies, our vision of the universe.
After that heady discussion, we segue into a talk about strange earth anomalies, bowls of fused silica glass in the middle eastern desert, bowls in the surface of the ocean, and how most of these anomalies can be solved (or caused) simply by exploding a nuclear weapon over them.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 037 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #036

In this episode we begin by discussing the recent developments in Mexico and Guatemala, where evidence of ruins of enormous urban areas have been discovered associated with known sites. Basically, nerds showed up with helicopters and lasers and demonstrated how to do archaeology in the 21st century.

We also discuss a fascinating submerged cave system in Mexico that has been underwater since the end of the ice age, which was found to contain bones of pliestocene animals, human bones and artifacts, wall carvings and stone staircases and altars. Of course the constructions are attributed to the Mayans who were in this area around 900AD, which is a tad late considering the cave has been submerged for the past 10k years or so.

We talk about the odd association with gods and turtles in mythology all over the world, and how there is evidence suggesting these turtles actually represent some sort of mechanical vehicle piloted by a member of an advanced civilization(alien or not), and whether these vehicles could have been utilizing some form of mercury vortex engine, as is implied by the myths

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode #036 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #035

This episode kicks off with Russ asking "Are we recording?" clearly demonstrating the extremely high level of professionalism and broadcast skills he has acquired while recording 30+ episodes of Snakebros gold.

Having done that, we move on to discuss the recent news of the mysterious booms in Colorado, a selection of Snakebros Favorite Out of Place Artifacts, a couple of very interesting anomalous ancient sites in China, and how people who can listen to jazz with the fillings in their teeth prove that we destroy buildings with small kinetic oscillators.


 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 035 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #034

We kick this episode off with some current news items, like the LiDAR survey in Guatemala around Mayan ruins, the possible detection of extragalactic exoplanets, and the complete falsification of anthropogenic global warming by world-reknowned, internationally acclaimed, nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, using physics.

Kyle then destroys the dreams of millions of people who have been trying to raise their vibrations and make the world a better place through meditation, when he reads an article about scientists who proved that meditation doesn't work by demonstrating that assholes who meditate are still assholes. He then renews their dreams by pointing out that, since life can be shit sometimes, having assholes around to deal with it is a good thing, so removal of all assholes would leave the rest of us to deal with the shit, which is no one's idea of a better world.

In the second hour, Russ reads from Ivan T. Sanderson's book Pursuing the Unexplained about coincidence and how, as a phenomena, it is not understood and therefore cannot legitimately be used as an explanation for other things we don't under stand. Also, rain dances are real, clouds can be busted with merely a few minutes concentration and an intense stare, and lots of weird shit rains out of the sky on a regular basis(further reinforcing the need for assholes, to deal with this sky shit).

So get out there and be an asshole, make the world a better place.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 034

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #033

Episode 33! For this esoteric and mysterious episode we return to a subject which many of you expressed interest in and wanted to know more about: Manuscript 512, that fascinating and incredibly frustrating document of the discovery of an ancient, abandoned city deep in the highlands of Brazil and the Amazonian jungle, where the descriptions of all the best pyramids have been eaten by a worm(who was later nominated for, and subsequently won, the 20th Century's Most Annoying Lifeform Ever award as well as the prestigious Most Successful Destruction of Priceless Knowlwedge Since Alexandria Burned award).

We also discuss deep ocean impacts causing 20,000ft high tidal waves, whale fossils found high in mountains, marine animals trapped in freshwater lakes at 11,000ft above sea level, anomalous fossilized homo sapien footprints in deep geological strata, and give a much more detailed look at the travesty to archaeology and egyptology that was the entire episode with the shafts and the doors and Hawass and the National Geogaphic channel.

Enjoy! (and be incredibly irritated)