Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Episode #057: Fossil Footprints and Digging for Arrowheads

After a brief sun probe update we read a short article on weird spacewhale sounds coming from a moon of Saturn, which sort of makes sense because the moon is covered in water but is still pretty weird because the water is all ice. 

We then spend the next few segments describing our most recent SnakeBros SnakeForce Field Trip where we drank hundreds of beers in a river named after the devil, found lots of amazing ancient artifacts and dozens of world-class fossil footprints, located ancient beach sand in the middle of the desert, ate tons of tacos and pancakes, and destroyed an innocent cloud with mind bullets.

The mysteries we saw in the field lead us into a conversation about the larger mysteries of human habitation in the Americas, ranging from the controversial Huyatlaco site in Mexico to strange carved stones found in the northeastern U.S.


Brothers of the Serpent Episode 057

Note: The following images are screenshots of the actual photos, which was done to mask the geolocation data in order to protect the landowner's privacy. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Episode #056: Bananas are Impossible(Knock on Wood)

We open the show with some snakenews about how scientists are going to touch the sun from behind a supershield from 4 million miles away.

We talk about the superstition of "knock on wood" and where it came from, and Russ reads an article on Ouija and then flips out about bananas, which Brett explains is a berry that grows on an herb that looks like a tree with potatoes for roots.

After that, we talk again about doppler and redshift and how the universe is probably not what we think it is.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 056 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Episode #055: Retrocausality, CO2, and the Longevity of the Ancients

After a quick mention of the Lavanado in Hawaii being even more terrifying than a Sharknado, we will have been going to eventually then diving into a discussion about retrocausality and its wider implications for how it does previously later affect our future past actions.

Once after we have will be finished that topic, we finally did eventually get our timeline straight by reading an article about the ancient Sumerian Kings List, which leads into a discussion on possible precessional clues and longevity of the gods and space genes.

We finish out the episode discussing the carbon cycle and the fact that so much benefit to the biosphere has been shown to take place by increasing CO2 levels and thus massively increasing the awesomeness of plant life.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 055