Saturday, January 13, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #030

Episode 30 is a fantastic interview with a scholar of all things strange, credentialed ancient historian, Fortean initiate, and most importantly a dedicated Snakebros listener, mister Jeremy Figgins.

The official show observer Brett England joins us for the interview, throughout which we discuss....well, just about everything, and Jeremy gives us his unique insight on many classic Snakebro topics. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 030 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #029

We start the first episode of 2018 with a great discussion about......about, umm.....wha.....? Well we intended to discuss the concept of anti-memes but....hmmm. Anyway, we talk about the universal and cosmological "twin" concept, also called symmetry, and how this concept seems to extend far back into the depths of prehistory by way of a curious twin mythology.

Kyle brings up the beneficial mental aspects of turning off the constant input and "unplugging", as it were, in order to process everything that has been learned and also to take some time for some self improvement mind-hacking goodness.

We finish this...oddly short episode....with a brief examination of the recently released UFO footage from the Pentagon and then a discussion of the inherently primitive "Lord of the Flies" culture caused by huge public schools.

We kinda feel like we forgot something...?  But whatever. Enjoy the show.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 029 

Monday, December 25, 2017

SnakeBytes: There Are No Babies in the Woods

After delivering a PSA about babies in the woods, Russ reads through some missing persons cases that have caught his eye for various reasons. He does not blame samsquanches, since they can't whistle.

SnakeBytes Episode 003 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Snakebytes: Whistle While You Starve

Russ gets in a dig at WaPo's current slogan before reading an abridged article from their website about 5 young men who disappeared in 1977, a case that only seemed to become more inexplicable the more the investigators found. The case is discussed and compared to others from the Missing 411 casefiles, to American Indian oral traditions, and to fairy folklore.

Snakebytes: Episode 002 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

SnakeBytes: Aliens and Fairies and Samsquanches, oh my

This is a new thing we're gonna try("we" meaning "Russ") for a couple of reasons; one being that sometimes life gets in the way of us getting together in the Tangent Cube of Science to record a show for that week, and two being that we(Russ again) sometimes just want to rant about something or other but not necessarily in the context of a full show.

Thus, SnakeBytes is born: short(meaning shorter than the main show) monologues into whatever weirdness Russ is wandering around in at the moment. These will not be recorded in the studio, nor will they benefit from the audio engineering expertise of Kyle that gives the main show its shiny, polished, eargasm goodness, but they can be recorded on the spur of the moment and posted immediately. On weeks when we cannot record a regular show, Snakebytes can fill the void.

In this first Snakebyte, Russ reads a few strange accounts from the book Dimensions by Jacques Vallee, connecting these UFO stories to Missing 411 and Fairy Folklore.

 Snakebytes: Episode 001 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #028

We start out with the latest news on the ScanPyramids project, which is that there is no news. Then we discuss some crazy geology and paleontology factology because Russ is reading Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval and it's blowing his mind. We're talking islands made entirely of mammoth bones and hippo teeth and glacial erratics so big people accidentally built villages on them.

In the second half of the show we discuss a topic that has become a permanent SnakeBro favorite: weird giant triangles. In this case the giant triangle is the Bermuda Triangle, so we discuss the nature of the disappearances and outline a few specific cases, then go into the many theories about the possible causes, and Kyle demonstrates his skerptard skills by skerpderping them all(after which he announces he might be "going profesh"). One of the theories involves pyramids from Atlantis, still activating on occaision from the ocean depths and disappearing everything in sight. So basically a giant weird triangle caused by giant weird triangles.

Plus there's fossil Kracken Plesiosaur Selfies in Australia and a bunch of bad dad jokes.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 028 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #27

 The Official Show Observer, the honorable and venerated Mr. Brett England, is in studio with us for this episode, here to offer his assessment of the work of Dr. Melba Ketchum and her team in DNA sequencing of possible Sasquatch hair and skin samples. Mr. England has relevant education and thus delivers what is most likely the only competent opinion on this work that has been delivered to the paranormal and podcasting communities(all other opinions having come from know-nothing Skerptards).

Aside from that, we discuss the ScanPyramids Project and the possibility of a huge unknown chamber in the GP, Kyle's trip to Italy and the ancient Egyptian artifacts he saw there, and we finish out the show with a few excellent OOPArts.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 27 

Brothers of the Serpent: Episode #030

Episode 30 is a fantastic interview with a scholar of all things strange, credentialed ancient historian, Fortean initiate, and most importa...