Friday, March 15, 2019

Episode #089: Ancient Japan and the Jomon

We spend some time on listener comments and correspondence, reading them and responding in kind. Kyle then reads some fascinating news stories about ancient CMEs, and advanced mathematics describing why hipsters are the first to be annoying, anywhere.

After that, we read excerpts from Graham Hancock's book Underworld about the mysterious Jomon people of ancient Japan, whose culture survived for at least 12,000 years. Jomon pottery is by far the oldest pottery ever discovered, by many thousands of years, and they had some oldest known organized planned settlements in the world.

Brothers of the Serpent Episode 089 

Dragon Aurora

More sky dragons

Definitely a dragon

Drip painting on canvas by Nathan J Taylor, artist's impression of Ezekiel's Wheel

Another artist's impression of Ezekiel's wheel
Jomon site of Sannai-Muryama, reconstructed

Interior of reconstructed Jomon longhouse at Sannai-Muryama
Kuromata Yama in the distance, a sculpted 'pyramid' mountain

Kuromata Yama
Very ancient Jomon stone circles

Jomon circle

Jomon stone circle
Very ancient Jomon pottery, with "rope" impressions

Examples of Jomon pottery

Jomon "incense burner"

Jomon pottery vessel

Ancient fragment of Jomon pottery, with cord marks

Very ancient Jomon pottery

Highly stylized Jomon vessel

Jomon pottery

Jomon maze pattern vase
Tiny birdpoint arrowhead we found, with a dime for relative size
Jomon "Dogu" figurine


Another example of strange Dogu figures

Dogu with characteristic giant slit eyes

Dogu figure

Very old dogu figurine


Showing the relative size of the average Dogu figurine

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Episode #088: Geology

We speak with Sheldon from the C-Word podcast and mine his brain for valuable nuggets of geological data. He has a degree in geology and has experience in using his degree in the field for oil, gas and mining industries.

We talk about uniformitarianism, catastrophism, the Younger Dryas, plate tectonics, the Mohorovicic Discontinuity, vulcanism, rock formation and dating technologies, and pirates at strip clubs.

Thanks very much to The C Word for letting us borrow their geologist for one show! Check them out on Twitter @cwordpod and on iTunes.


 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 088

Exposed mantle material at Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

"Ultramafic" rock, Gros Morne
Subduction of oceanic crust

Back-arc Basin and volcanic result of subduction
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Standing on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge exposed in Iceland
Oceanic Gyre currents

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Episode #087: Untranslated

We focus on mysterious ancient codices and untranslated written languages and texts from around the world, leading to all manner of discussion on a wide range of subjects.

We also deliver the weekly SpaceWeatherNews update, a few interesting news articles, and some listener correspondence.

 Brothers of the Serpent Episode 087 

Dragon Aurora

Fire Falls

Humpback whale in Amazon

Cretan Hieroglyphs on Phaistos Disc

Wadi el-Hol script

Sitovo inscription
Olmec writing

Singapore Stone



Indus Valley script, with Unicorn